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| Published December 21, 2011

What We Do

Since 1995, Desktop Engineering (DE) has focused on providing technology information to design engineers and engineering management while delivering superior ROI to technology marketers.

DE shows design engineering teams how design, simulation, testing, rapid prototyping and high- performance computing technologies help create innovations that bring better products to market faster, while lowering development costs.

DE focuses on product reviews, application stories and major technology news that is delivered via a monthly magazine, websites, e-newsletters, webinars and custom publishing products.

For 16 years, DE has consistently delivered high ROI on media placements. As a result, DE is the media market share leader for design technologies.


Desktop Engineering

• Monthly print publication

• 60,000 BPA qualified subscribers


DE Online
DE Online
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Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop
Rapid Ready Technology


DE Newsletters
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Focus on Engineering IT and Computing
Focus on Rapid Technologies
Focus on Test and Measurement
Kenneth Wong's Virtual Desktop
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Custom Media
• E-Blasts
• Sponsored Newsletters
• Webinars
• White Papers
• Podcast
• Reprints
• And many more ...

DE focuses on upfront technologies that drive the product design/development process:

  • MCAD/3D design and collaboration software

  • Engineering analysis, simulation and visualization software

  • Test and measurement hardware and software

  • Rapid technology systems, software, materials, and service providers

  • High-performance computing (HPC) solutions

  • Computer peripherals, including large-format printers, graphics accelerators, 3D navigation devices, high-capacity memory and more

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