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Cycle Computing and Amazon Web Services to Provide Access to New Cluster GPU Instances

Company can help set up clusters in the cloud.

| Published November 22, 2010

Cycle Computing, providers of internal cluster and cloud-based cluster provisioning and management tools, has announced that as a part of its continuing partnership with Amazon Web Services, it now provides users with access to Amazon’s new Cluster GPU Instances, designed to deliver GPU processing in the cloud.

Cycle Computing has had early access to these new GPU node types and benchmarked them against customer’s existing in-house GPU hardware.

The company can help answer cluster computing questions, such as:

  • How to provision a cluster: Using the company’s CycleCloud solution to provide HPC and HTC clusters in the cloud, it is possible to create Condor/Torque/SGE clusters on Amazon EC2 using the new GPU instances.
  • Benchmarking results: Cycle Computing approached a Fortune 500 life science and a finance/insurance company, both of which develop and use their own GPU-accelerated software, to run their applications on the GPU-enabled Cluster Compute nodes.
  • Internal hardware vs. virtualized, cloud-based hardware: With these new nodes, the line between internal and cloud-based hardware for HPC using GPUs has been blurred, according to the comapny.

For more information, visit Cycle Computing.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company's website.

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